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CAOS ltd. is a Swiss open source software company, managing, developing and operating the Identity Experience Platform ZITADEL.

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Who we are.

We are team of 11 people based in Switzerland with a strong commitment to trust, transparency, and happy customers.

In a nutshell

With growing technical landscapes and the rise of cloud providers many companies face a complex and diversified infrastructure and application setup. Managing multiple identities within IT systems for a single person is expensive, inefficient and often insecure. With our products we provide a modern service and platform for managing identities, providing secure user authentication, and enabling customers to build highly-scalable use cases.

About us.

CAOS ltd. was founded in April 2019 in eastern Switzerland as an open source software company and consists of 11 highly qualified employees with in-depth experience of Identity & Access Management and cloud-native application development. CAOS is fully owned by its founders and employees and fully self financed.

What we do.

We develop our identity & access management (IAM) platform for B2B service providers and provide the solution to customers as Software-as-a-Service. We serve customers via our shared public cloud ( or via dedicated instances on any infrastructure. We have a strong commitment to open source software and industry standards.

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ZITADEL. Identity Experience Platform

ZITADEL provides you with an identity and access management platform that includes all the features necessary to integrate scalable solutions, without the need of building the login and access management yourself.

The open-source platform is available as Software-as-a-Service in a public cloud, as dedicated instance on any infrastructure provider, or self-hosted with support services.

ZITADEL solves multi-tenancy and self-service for B2B customers in a innovative and scalable way, while providing a detailed and unlimited audit trail of all interactions. Everything is accessible through our platform APIs.

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ORBOS. GitOps everything

ORBOS manages infrastructure, orchestration and necessary tools for operating cloud-native applications. The management of all our components solely depends on a Git repository for storing the desired and current state.

All components trusted with ensuring a desired state, BOOM and ORBITER, run decentralized in each customer's environment, be it private or public cloud. With this approach we achieve the greatest separation of the different clusters.

ORBITER is designed to operate all elements related to the infrastructure and orchestration layers. BOOM is responsible for installing and maintaining a defined, integrated and tested set of tools (aka platform) on top of an orchestration system.

Swisscom Startup Challenge Winner 2021DINACON Best-Newcomer Award 2021SGKB Startfeld Diamant Winner 2021

Get in Touch.

We'd love to talk about our work, the latest tech or your newest discovery. Come and hang out.